Welcome to SoGreen Stoned Bakery! Please read the following information below to understand how we work and to make your ordering process go as smooth as possible. If you still have questions, please check out our FAQ’s or contact us.

1. You must register with us online to become a member of our cooperative, the best person that knows your information is yourself. If you do not have your original California doctor’s recommendation with a valid government issued ID we will be unable to place your order.

2. SoGreenSB is based in Santa Barbara, CA. We offer free delivery to collective members delivered within our delivery zone (Goleta/Isla Vista to Carpinteria).

3. Deliveries are only made to collective members in good standing with the collective at the time of the order. When ordering if we feel you are ordering for someone who is not a member we will deny that order.

4. You need to be at the delivery location when placing your order. The delivery can come anytime on or before your quoted delivery window.

5. Delivery driver can only wait 5 minutes for you, you need to be prepared with payment ready before you place the order– If you are not ready and miss our driver there will be a $5 delivery charge added to that order or the next order you place with us.

6. When ordering online or over the phone, it is VERY important to let us know if you have an address change or phone number change, we can not read your mind and if your delivery goes out with the wrong information because you didn’t disclose that information we will charge a $5 delivery fee.

7. What you see is what you get! All pictures are taken by the volunteers of SoGreenSB and all descriptions are written by one of our volunteers who have personally tried it themselves.

8. As a member you are able to see and write reviews on specific strains.  We always appreciate your feedback.  If you should ever have an issue or concern, simply call us directly or send a response.  Your care is our concern and should we fail to meet expectations we will do our best to remedy the situation.


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