Jane's Brew CBD Relief Powder

Jane’s Brew CBD Relief


20mg 14CBD: 1THC
Cannabis-infused hot beverage enhancer you can add to any hot brew and comes in BOOST and CBD RELIEF. Discreet method to medicate. Synergistic effects of caffeine and cannabis. No cannabis smell or after taste. Lab tested and certified for quality and consistency. Pain relief and relaxation without “couch lock”.
Effects begin within 15 minutes, last 3 to 5 hours Jane’s Brew Boost and CBD Relief is made with proprietary natural ingredients including CO2 extracted cannabis oil. They are fat-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free. See package front for mg dose. Instructions for Use: EACH CONTAINER CONTAINS THE FULL MG AMOUNT AS LABELED. Please portion to start with only a 10mg dose to test tolerance. Do not take another dose for at least 2 hours. Best used by mixing with a very hot beverage and mixing well and often. Beverages may also be iced or blended after mixing. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS and PLEASE MEDICATE RESPONSIBLY. For further information on this product please go to: www.houseofjane.com



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